2017 Spring HOA Inspections

Dear Homeowners,

The Governors Grove Annual Home Inspection process will begin May 15th, and be conducted by a trained inspector from First Service Residential.

All initial inspections will be completed by May 31st , weather permitting. Homeowners will be notified of any discrepancies by early June and will be provided ample time to make corrections to become compliant with HOA guidelines. The focus on inspections over the past two years resulted in many home improvements and brought positive feedback to the Board regarding noticeable improvements throughout the community.

As we begin the 2017 inspection process, we the Board is mindful of homeowner displeasure with the poor timeliness of notices provided in last year’s inspection cycle. We have made a number of process changes and will be attentive to acting more quickly and improving the level of communications.

The Inspector will place emphasis this year on identifying the many decks and fences that are in need of care and/or maintenance. A number of homeowners have not been as attentive to keeping their decks and fences clean, as well as maintaining the needed staining and weatherproofing. Homeowners should consider power washing if necessary, then sealing the deck or fence with clear natural wood stain (unnatural wood colors are not approved). Last year’s notice was intended to provide homeowners with adequate time to complete the necessary repairs and/or maintenance on their decks and fences. In the event that a homeowner is cited with a discrepancy for their deck and/or fence, the Board will allow sufficient time after the inspections for homeowners to take corrective action.

Please note homeowners are responsible for cleaning and/or staining their portion of the boundary fence which faces their home. A boundary fence is located on the line between two properties and is used by both owners. It may also be called a division fence or a partition fence. Unless the property owners agree otherwise, fences on a boundary line are owned by both owners when both are using the fence. Neither may remove it without the other’s permission. When the property is sold, the new owner purchases the mutual ownership of the fence.

In order to prepare for the upcoming inspections, it may be helpful to review the following issues that have been identified as consistently common violations over the last several years. This list, although helpful, is not all inclusive. Homeowners should inspect their property on a frequent basis and address routine maintenance issues when they become noticeable. Please refer to our website at www.governorsgrovehoa.com for more detailed information and forms to use for architectural changes. If you need help, please email the LARC committee at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. This page will be updated as colors are approved.

  • Rake boards and eves have chipping paint/exposed wood, wood rot and require repair and/or painting. Since these are located at the uppermost portion of most homes, painters oftentimes neglect to paint these wood trims out of convenience or neglect.
  • Bump out windows and bay windows have chipping paint/exposed or wood rot and need repair and/or painting
  • Wood trim around windows has chipping paint/wood rot and needs repair or replacement and/or painting
  • Lamp posts need painting, light bulb needs to be working at night and off during the day
  • Weeds in front and rear of house
  • Front stairs need to be powerwashed and metal railing should be painted - Front light fixture should be painted
  • Driveways need cracks repaired or need to be resealed
  • Garbage bin doors need to be powerwashed and/or weather treated with stain.
  • Trash/debris cannot be left outside, to include garbage & recycling bins on non-trash days.
  • Vinyl siding needs to have mold removed. This seems to be a problem in the rear of many homes which may not get sufficient sunlight.

Many roofs are approaching the end of their life cycle. Please be aware you MUST submit a LARC request if you intend to replace your roof with anything other than the exact original roof installed by the contractor. The Board is currently reviewing other possible options for those homeowners who wish to replace their original roof with one that may be of a higher quality (longer lasting/more durable) and will be providing additional information soon.

When painting your front door, the Beazer contractor did not leave a list of original paint colors. In 2015 the board approved a blue color from Benjamin Moore "New York State of Mind". If your door is of a different color that blue, you will have to find a color that matches your door color and then fill out the LARC External Modification Form located on the Documents/Forms page of this website. Please attach a picture of the color swatch over the door for comparison.

A list of approved paint colors for Carr Homes are listed in Part II Section A.3 in the Architectural Guidelines located on the Documents/Forms page on the website. As long as you pick the same color door for your Carr home, you do not need to submit the LARC External Modification Form. If you decided to change your door color, then you will need to submit a LARC External Modification form for approval.